Foundation - On the 3rd of September 1943, Jan Prošvic founded the ESA Electrical and Technical Joint-stock Company, thus laying the foundation stone to the production of electric appliances for households in Hlinsko. ESA manufactured electric irons.

Nationalization and incorporation of ESA into the Elektro-PragaPraha concern. The Company was named Elektro-Praga until 1995. From 1950 to 1965, Elektro-PragaHlinsko. The production of vacuum cleaners, which soon became the main production line of the company, was moved to Hlinsko from Rýnovice. Registration of the ETA trademark, which is still the best-known brand of electric appliances in the Czech Republic.


StanislavLachman, a world-famous designer, became the courtchief designer of ETA household electric appliances. His most famous designs include a kitchen mixer in the shape of a chalice from 1954, a hairdryer in the shape of a laser gun and the most controversial iron Eta 2011 with the largest ironing surface in the world at that time, which he designed in 1973.

The company started producing the ETA x400 vacuum cleaner; Almost 2.5 million pieces were made in sixteen years. Privatization of the Elektro-PragaHlinskojoint-stock company using voucher privatization; Privatization funds of large banks became the first owners.


Change of the name to ETA a. s. according to the trademark. The production of the ETA 219/220 dry iron was discontinued; almost 11.5 million pieces were manufactured from 1972. Accession of Plastkov s. r. o., a strategic owner. Commencement of the production of components for the automotive industry and recruitment of the new chiefdesigner, Zdeněk Veverka.

As of 1st August 2008, a new division of the production of plastic parts was established and a new independent company was founded: Plastkov; ETA started to focus exclusively on household appliances; The logo changed after sixty years. Onyx became the best-selling vacuum cleaner.


ETA focused on the expansion of its on-line communication with customers and business partners by a new design of its website and a new e-shop; ETA expanded its marketing communication to the internet with the campaign “Tested for Czechs and Slovaks”. eshop.eta.cz, eta.cz, unibag.cz, etapekarna.cz, prodluzka.eta.cz.

ETA continues to be a symbol of the tradition and history of Czech-designed household electric appliances of Czech quality and it remains to be the most famous brand of household appliances in the Czech Republic. This spring, ETA will extend the feeling of security for its clients that they have really purchased a high-quality product: the company introduces the Extension – an extended guarantee for products in its active portfolio from two to three, five and ten years.

ETA celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation. At this occasion, the company is launching a true specialty: the brand new bag floor vacuum cleaner called GENEROSO, with an unbelievable extended guarantee period of 70 years in a limited edition and in the quantity of 1943 pieces.

In 2013, ETA operates 31 shops and its portfolio includes 240 products.


Zelený pruh 95/97
Prague 4 – Braník, 147 00
Czech republic

Tel: +420 844 444 000

ETA Quality

ETA is the only company in the Czech Republic that has its own state testing laboratory that ensures a high standard of products and service.

ETA Design

ETA loves Czech design. The tradition was started by the designer Stanislav Lachman. Today, the tradition continues thanks to the Zdenek Veverka’s designers team.

ETA Smart Solution

If there is something that the Czechs love, it is definitely a smart solution for a reasonable price. And we manufacture such household appliances.