About ETA

The ETA Company was founded in 1943 and thus we have been operating on the Czech market for more than 70 years. During that time, our Company has become one of the largest Czech brands on the market. The spontaneous awareness of ETA among Czech consumers reaches 96 % and almost every Czech household has at least one ETA product on average.

In 2007, ETA was acquired by the Benson Oak investment group, which is one of the oldest investment companies in the Czech Republic. In autumn 2008, the Company introduced its new logo with a modern face. In October 2011, ETA was acquired by HP TRONIC, a company from Zlín.

ETA no longer means onlyvacuum cleaners and irons. We have gradually innovated our traditional product range and expanded the portfolio of our appliances, namely in the field of body and beauty care.

About ETA


It all begins on 1943 in the town of Hlinsko during Second World War.


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Zelený pruh 95/97
Prague 4 – Braník, 147 00
Czech republic

Tel: +420 844 444 000

ETA Quality

ETA is the only company in the Czech Republic that has its own state testing laboratory that ensures a high standard of products and service.

ETA Design

ETA loves Czech design. The tradition was started by the designer Stanislav Lachman. Today, the tradition continues thanks to the Zdenek Veverka’s designers team.

ETA Smart Solution

If there is something that the Czechs love, it is definitely a smart solution for a reasonable price. And we manufacture such household appliances.